Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to convert multiple solo entries to a team later, or add a one solo entry to an existing team?

Yes, that’s not a problem. You can always have solo entries converted to team entries. It is also possible to add a solo entry to an existing team. Please let us know at and we will make it right.

I want to register a team but I don't have all the team members complete yet. Can I register in advance, though?

It’s best to register your team now, even if you don’t have the names complete yet. With that, you reserve your spot. You can always change and add to your team composition afterwards by sending an email to You then pay the initial amount with iDeal and can later transfer any additional fees via an additional bank transfer. If you wish, we can also help you complete your team by putting you in touch with potential participants who are still looking for a team.

I live abroad and cannot pay via iDeal, how can I register?

Through the registration form on the website, you are required to pay via iDeal or BankContact, where only Dutch or Belgian banks are affiliated. If you do not have a Dutch or Belgian bank account, please submit your registration at We will then make it right for you.

Until when can I submit changes?

In principle, you can make changes of participants or your team name until the start of the event. Please note that several weeks before the start of the event, handlebar signs with participants’ names on them will be ordered. Therefore, if your change is communicated too late, we will not be able to include it in the steering boards. Also keep in mind that we are very busy in the days leading up to the event, so we would appreciate it if you communicate any changes as early as possible.

How much space will we have for our team on the field?

There is plenty of room for everyone; we don’t work with predefined spot sizes. For both teams and solo, 6-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour, there is room to set up camp close to the course.

Can I reserve a specific spot on the trail?

No it is not possible to reserve a spot in advance. Everyone gets to pick their own spot upon arrival. If you want to be assured of a specific spot, arrive on time.

I have a sponsor, can I put up a banner at my encampment?

Yes, in consultation with the organization, you may place banners, tents and advertising at your encampment.

Are cyclocross bikes allowed even if they have 1.5" wide tires mounted?

No, the event is for mountain bikes only. In the regulations, we included a condition of minimum bandwidth 1.5″. This is partly to exclude cyclocross bikes.

Are fixies and singlespeed bikes allowed?

Mountain bikes without freewheels (“fixies”) and mountain bikes without gears are allowed on the course, as long as they are mountain bikes. TIP: let us know if you would like to participate with one. We think this is great, so if there is enough participation we will make a separate ranking for it!

Are the participants of the different classifications cycling interchangeably?

Basically yes, except that the 6-hour and 12-hour races do not overlap. But otherwise, everyone is using the same course and so it will be that very fast riders and very slow riders on the course will have to take each other into account. It is the responsibility of the faster rider to make it clear when he wants to pass and to do so responsibly.

Does everyone start at the same time?

The 6 Hours and 24 Hours start basically at the same time, but separated into “waves” for each category. There is a short time between each wave to avoid congestion during the start as much as possible.

Registration is unfortunately full, is there also a waiting list?

Yes, we maintain a separate waiting list for each category that is full. In case of cancellations, people on that list will be admitted, in order of application, of course. TIP: if a solo category is full, you can also register a few men as a team and have all team members waitlisted for the solo category at the same time. Then as soon as space becomes available, we can split the team for you and convert to solo entries

I unfortunately have to cancel, is there a cost?

If you have registered but for some reason cannot participate there is the possibility of a partial refund of your registration fee. See the terms and conditions for exact details.

You can also transfer your registration to someone else, just send an email to and we will take care of this for you for free!

I want to change the category of my registration, is that possible?

Yes of course, as long as the other category is not full you can have an entry changed to another category. This applies to both soloists and teams. It is also possible to combine several solo entries into a team. And also the other way around: splitting a team into solo entries. You can easily arrange this with an email to

Is it possible to transfer my registration to someone else?

Yes of course, just provide the details of your replacement at and we’ll make it happen.

I found a sponsor, can I change my team name?

Yes that’s not a problem, pass it on at

From when can you enter the course?

From Friday 4 p.m. you can explore the course until Saturday 12:30.

Can I use a silent generator?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow this. We have arranged (free) power for everyone, so bring an extension cord (25m is usually sufficient). Make sure it is water resistant!

Can I also put my caravan down on Friday and come back on Saturday?

Yes this is no problem, you are welcome on Friday from 1 p.m. to reserve your spot in advance and set up your encampment. You may also come and sleep in on Friday night and we will provide a BBQ on Friday night. Of course, you leave your belongings at your own risk when you go home on Friday night.

Will there be a place on the trail for participants to get food and drinks?

Yes, we will provide participants with a modest supply stall with various things to eat so that you keep enough energy to last 24 hours. Free sports drinks will also be offered by Sports Nutrition Web Shop. Furthermore, you can take advantage of our pasta buffet on Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday morning. Please indicate this when you register. If you have your own specific preferences for your food and drink during your sports performance, bring your own.

I love how you guys organize Lakebike every year, can I help too?

Yes of course! We can always use expansion of our crew. It is very enjoyable to do and gives you enormous satisfaction. Sign up at!

Can I explore the course beforehand?

Basically, the trail is only accessible during the event. Scouting is possible on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. It is also important to note that portions of Best’s established route will be included in the course. Of course, you can use those to train all year long.

I am participating in Lakebike 24 for the first time and would like to know what to expect. How can I get in touch with an experienced participant?

If you have specific questions you can always email Everyone in the organization has participated several times themselves in Lakebike 24 and similar events. We can also put you in touch with other (former) participants so you can exchange experiences or train together.

Is your question not among them?

Send an email to the organization: